Crazy Busy Beautiful by Carmindy

I really enjoyed this book. So much good information and just packed in there. Not tons of her explaining. Just a full book of bullet points of stuff you can do. I loved it. There was so awesome stuff in there. Since getting contacts, I have been struggling on how to apply my makeup and hopefully I will be able to put some of the tips mentioned to use!

So here's some random thoughts I jotted down while reading.

Georgia O'Keeffe in her eighties... she is mentioned twice and I have no idea who she is. I hope this is a picture of her. But for being old she sure is pretty.Decolletage? the french term for our boodies... :) Didn't know that, but I was on google image when I typed it in...
A la Brigitte Bardot
AND one of the fun facts I will be putting to use.
"I put a light, inexpensive olive oil on a small plastic bottle that won't break in the shower. I add a few drops id my favorite essential oil to give it a yummy scent. At the very end of my shower, I smooth this mixture all over my body, neck, and face. Rinse a bit, and the pat myself dry. I follow with lotion to stay super soft." Pg 57

I also really enjoyed the "WACKY FACTS"
"My grandmother taught me that snail slime helps eliminate acne. Sometimes I secretly wipe a bit on my blemishes. I swear it works!" Pg 32

Happy Reading!!