Vampire Academy Book Five By Richelle Mead

Well, if you wanted a cliffhanger, you get one in Spirit Bound. What a cruel way to end a book!

BUT, I am not gonna dwell on the ending. The story getting there was FANTASTIC! What a series! If you haven't started reading it and are okay with reading an unfinished series, I would do this one (definitely not that Twilight crap, though I think that's finished)

Rose as a character is strong-willed as ever. But this time she has control of herself most of the time. She is realizing when she should raise her voice, when to stay quiet and her inner monologue makes things interesting. I love her inner monologue actually. She thinks allot like me.

I wish I had half the training the dhampirs have. To be that strong and built and ... well it would be nice if we just came that way and didn't have to work at it for years! :)

There's some fun characters in this one and I'm not gonna go into names, except for Lissa. But I am glad they were around! Lissa was so different from the last few books. It's nice she's starting to do things. She isn't as dependent on Rose as she was, makes her own decisions and thinks for herself.

All in all, great book, except the cliffhanger. Now to scorch the internet looking for information on the next book. Oh, and I took the GoodReads Quiz for the book 11 out of 14. Not to bad. Check it out here

Happy Reading.