Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Wicked Lovely, Book 1
This is exactly the kind of book I was looking for. A story so interesting, it drags you in. All you think about and really all you want to read. It actually took me a whole to read this book. Way to long for only 148 pages.

So I've already said its a good story. One that I highly recommend reading. What else to tell you... the characters are fabulous. I really loved the names.

Kennan - while he was a complete ass. I actually really enjoyed his character. He wasn't just doing things for himself, even though at times he seemed like a selfish bastard. I especially loved the last chapter or Epilogue with him
Aislinn - WOW this girl is strong. To be able to handle what she overcomes in this book. It's crazy and yikes. She is a wonderful character! I loved her from the start!
Niall - I can't remember which one he was Tavish or Niall, one was good and one was semi evil, if that makes sense. But I like the one (pretty sure it's Niall too) that talks to Aislinn in the end
Donia - What a character. To do what she had to and still be standing strong. Gah I would have totally chickened out and done what the summer girls did. I feel like I'm talking in riddles... :)
Tavish - see Niall...
Beira - ummm what to say without giving her away.... well I would love to see her once. At least an image.

The summer court and winter court are really intriguing. I am curious as to how the next book will go. Not much of a book review, but it will do. Happy Reading