P.C. Cast Books

So a couple months ago I was asked by a publisher to review a book series. When I received the books, I was pretty excited. Still, they were good books. However I have just figured out that the 5 books I got are actually 2 series AND in the one series there's a 4th book! So I have been spending the day updating all my posts and correcting errors. And I wanted to annouce the 4th book of the series.

the Finished Series is Partholon consisting of 2 books: Elphame's Choice (book 1) and Brighid's Quest (book 2)

The Unfinished Series is Divine consisting of 3 read books: Divine by Mistake (book 1), Divine by Choice (book 2) , and Divine by Blood (book 3) AND book 4 (haven't read it yet, so no review, but if you click the picture will take you to P.C. Cast page about the book)Happy Reading!!