Vampire Diaires by L.J. Smith

The Vampire Dairies: The Return: Nightfall, book 1

I am kinda getting tired of the vampire genre. Need something different with no blood involved. That being said, this was still a pretty good book. I guess this us a SPOILER of sorts, but why can Elena just stay dead or just one type of thing. Let's see since the last book she's been vampire, dead, ghost, angel, human, devil and now she doesn't know what she is. It kinda just annoys me actually.

The beginning if the book started off so strong and I really enjoyed it. And then it got creepy weird and it never really got out of creepy weird. This is the last book of the series, but it didn't end that way. It was kinda nice that Stefan wasn't really in the story. He kinda frustrates me like Edward does in the Twilight books, though Stefan isn't as painful. While I like Damon hes just way to typical bad boy, who comes through once and a while.

Bonnie is still my favorite character. But she's bot really the main focus of the story. She does surprise me. I wonder at the mention of Aleric who is Meredith's boyfriend. Seemed pointless to bring him up and then him not actually be a character. Maybe that gets explained in the second series or whatever it is.

I want to say this one was my favorite, but I really didn't enjoy check last half of the book. The first 150 pages though, were fabulous.

Happy reading