Alex Rider Series by Anthony Horowitz

Stormbreaker, Book 1

It was such a pleasure to read a non-vampire book. No biting or blood or "OOOooooh he's a hundred and two" Seriously didn't miss that!

Oh, I guess there was blood in this book!!

So... this book was something I have always imagined. Me, a young kid, suddenly becoming a spy and doing dangerous work, betting all odds and coming out on top. Shooting bad guys and saving millions of people's lives. AKA James Bond, but the female version! Of course this book was from the view of Alex Rider, who is definitely male. He's a young double 0 seven.

There was lots of action and I really enjoyed it. What I really enjoyed was some of the gadgets he got. Not crazy like James Bond impossible, but still a little out there. The plane thing was a little impractical, but it really worked for the story. I never know how to say what I am thinking without spoiling details. All in all though, can't wait to read the rest of the series!