Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

I was expecting this to be a quick easy read with a basic story. I wasn't expecting a thought provoking deep story that kept me so interested that I thought about it while working.

Thirteen Reasons Why is the story of two people. Clay and Hannah. Hannah committed suicide and left behind 7 tapes 13 sides filled, on the tapes are her reasons why she has taken her life. The book is written from Clay's perspective whole hearing Hannah's voice on the tapes.

I really really enjoyed this book! It was so good. I don't want to say anything about it though because I feel like I will give everything away and this is one story that is so good I most definitely don't want to give any details away. You should most definitely read it.

I will say one thing. As times it was a little confusing to figure out who's thoughts you were hearing. I did half to jump back a couple times to figure it out. But it was well worth the read.

I found a paragraph that I like because it describes how I feel some times when I get a headache. The book is Thirteen Reasons Why and this is the paragraph

"In health, we saw a documentary on migraines. One of the man interviewed use to fall on his knees and bang his head against the floor, over and over during the attacks. This diverted the pain from deep inside his brain, where he couldn't reach it, to a pain outside that he had control over."

And so I end with have a great day and happy reading