MockingJay by Suzanne Collins

MockingJay, book 3 of the Hunger Games
Released August 24

in a word STUNNING! There is no other way to word it. I am not doing an actually review because I would spoil it. Instead I am going to update this post frequently with any good reviews I find of the book. LOVE LOVE the book read it in one night. Can't wait for my bi-weekly spending money so I can buy the rest of the series and have the set!!

Suzanne Collins did awesome! I did the Goodreads quiz on the Hunger Games 72%

The Story Siren review - my favorite review she wrote exactly what I was thinking without spoiling it
Pure Imagination review - with spoilers
Reading Angel - with spoilers Questions and Answers
Review for Catching Fire :)

EDIT: found more! I love reading about the Hunger Games!!
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