Woman of Sin by Debra Diaz

First book of September Spectacular!

Alysia of Athens, pampered daughter of a wealthy physician, is taken from her home and sold into slavery when her father is accused of treason during the turbulent reign of Tiberius Caesar. She is purchased by Paulus Maximus, a powerful Roman legate who pierces through her determination to hate her captors, but his jealous stepbrother, Lucius, forces her to run away...across the sea to the battle-torn land of Palestine, where she finds love and acceptance, and meets a man who will change her life forever. But in her flight from the intrigues of Rome to the palaces of Jerusalem, Alysia finds she cannot escape her enemies, neither the one who stole her heart, nor the one who wants to destroy her

I am not sure what I expect from this book. But I sure didn't expect what I got. I usually base my whole opinion on a book on the cover. If I like the cover I will read it or try to. Usually this works for me. I very rarely actually read the back of the book. Last time I did this, it did not serve me well, but this time! WOW what a book.

This book is based on the bible. And I am so curious just how closely it is to the bible. I won't be surprised if allot of what's written is actually quotes from scripture. Now I usually hate books that are about the bible. But this book didn't feel like it was preaching at me to covert at all. It was just a story about a woman.

I simply love the name Alysia! It is so beautiful! She is also an amazing character, what she goes through and her attitude. I don't think I would be anything like her, I would definitely act a whole lot more spoiled.

The book goes through the Crufixation of Christ. Very detail and a little gory. But it was neat to see a deep sense than what the bible teaches you. And you could feel the emotions of the people watching and you don't get that feel in when you read the bible. It was very deep. I didn't cry but was close. It was so neat and almost a joy to see things explained the way the book did. My religious upbringing was very strict and you couldn't play with words or use your imagination. But it was refreshing do read something so open and honest about the Crufixation of Christ compared to what I am use to.

I am kinda hesitant to post this because, even though I really enjoyed the book. I am definitely not converting back to Christianity. But if you would like a refreshing look at Christ, this is a good book for it. Wasn't preachy preachy, which is exactly what I needed. I think I will look for more books by Debra Diaz.

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