Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel

Rebecca Maizel is a very good author. But I can't decided whether or not I like this book. The story was fabulous. I loved some of the characters. Like Tony and Rhode, definitely my favorites. But neither of them were in the book much :(

Lenah, well it's such a pretty name. How would you pronounce it though? I am horrible at pronunciation! (thank god for spell check too!) As a character though she kinda frustrated me. I think though that's because I couldn't completely understand why she wanted to be human. The vampires in this book are a bit different from other books. These vampires experience great pain if they do not inflict pain on others. Which makes sense. But I just don't get the thought process. If that makes sense.

Tony was a brilliant character and I really wish I could see his art work!! :)

Anyways this was a good book and I really enjoyed it but I probably won't read it again. Actually I am sitting in Chapters as I write this review up and a girl just asked me if I liked the book. And because I was conflicted I gave her the book!! Random but I like giving my books away and hopefully she will enjoy it!

Happy Reading!

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