Short Stories

The Ugly Duckling
by Hans Christian Anderson

I've never read this story. It was rather interesting. Very true now-a-days. But I don't think we publicly announce that someone will be bullied (at least I hope we don't) because they aren't beautiful in our eyes. I do think we whisper it behind people's backs.
I didn't enjoy this part of the ending

"He actually felt glad about all the suffering and hardships he had endured. Now he could appreciate his happiness and all the loveliness that awaited him."

Feels a bit unrealistic. I don't think anyone would be glad for torture or bullying. I do think a person comes to terms with it, eventually. Anyways it was a interesting quick read.

Found while sitting in Chapters glancing through a book called Inspirations Selections from Classical Literature by Paulo Coelho - The Water Section.

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