Alex Rider Series by Anthony Horowitz

Ark Angel, book six

I am starting to get a little frustrated with the Alex Rider series. It was nice at the beginning but it was realistic in the beginning. This one, not so much.


First off he is shot at the end of the last book. This book starts ten days later, after major surgery, he is running around swinging huge containers full of air at bad guys. He would have some function in his arm after being shot, but not enough strength to do that. Then there's the fact that after the hospital incident and the fire none of his stitches break. Seriously he's doing all these crazy stunts, that even when your one hundred percent health would knock you back. And he's doing it 10 to 15 days after being short 1/2 in from the heart!

Then there's the gadgets. I suppose that the books aren't trying to be realistic anymore... just trying to out do James Bond. Oh and he never actually kills anyone. People always die but it's always an accident. Like this one where the guy is in the space ship and Alex kicks him and the guy goes floating back and hits his own knife and is stabbed in the head!

I believe there is only one book left in the series. But I think I will wait a while to read it. Need to a break from silly stunts.

This isn't really a great review of the book. The other 5 were much better.

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