All American Girl by Meg Cabot

Ready or Not, book 2

Just a series of two... My thoughts.

Well I am actually kinda annoyed. But I don't want to start with that. I loved this book. Sam was an annoying character but growing and learning and accepting. She accepts everything and everyone for who they are, without trying to judge for the most part.

The story line is fun and it's a simple easy read that's refreshing. I love the politic points made in the book. I don't pay attention to politics, but the book makes you realize that it's really important to listen to politics because sometimes the things they want to do aren't actually what they should be doing.

The main political issue in the book focus's on birth control and needing your parents permission to get it. Which I don't agree with. If a kid wants it, she should have access to it so there isn't unplanned pregnancies. So along with birth control is the whole big topic of SEX. Done in a very well put way.


The whole book is Sam's inner struggle with sex. I enjoyed the inner struggle. What I didn't like was that in the end she still had sex with David. But it was done in a very well written way (plus there's no descriptions which was fabulous!) that if they hadn't had sex I would have been just as unsatisfied with the book as I am now. Meg Cabot though I think got her point across, because the book really got me thinking. And I enjoy thinking books.

I am very glad that there is only the two books to the series. I think I third would be pointless, but I did quiet enjoy Sam as a character. And her David remembers me allot like my Mr.

Great book and I will probably re-visit this series in a year or two.

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