Thirst No 1 by Christopher Pike

Black Blood, part two of Thirst

Interesting how the ending of both are very similar. Actually the story ends basically the same as it did in part one. But then I think I might be getting the two stories confused already. Because the part I am thinking of probably happened at the beginning of part two.

Anyways I am not making much sense. I still can't decided if I like how this story is written. From Sita's perspective as if she is telling us the story. But I do like the fact that it feels like someone telling you a REAL story and not just a random story.

I didn't enjoy the characters as much in this part. Mainly because the characters didn't get developed much other than Sita and many of the characters were mean or cruel. The ending though I am not sure I liked at all. But I can't really say without giving it away.

Part three starting soon!!

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