Thirst No 1 by Christopher Pike

Red Dice, part three of Thirst

The last section of book #1.

So much blood and gore and gambling. An interesting combination, it's a good thing bloody doesn't make me queasy. I definitely won't read this series if blood made you sick. That would be a bad combination.

I know I have said this for each review, but I just don't know if I like the way the story is written. I think I do not like it, it's annoying. I would prefer a more story like way to it. But with the way it si written the effect of the story is bigger. It feels almost real, almost possible, you sitting there feeling like it's a true story, but knowing that it's not.

But at the same-time, I sat watch the twin towers burn to the ground feeling like it wasn't actually happening, but it did... do you understand my conflict?? I have no idea how to explain it right.

I really enjoyed Sita's flash backs in this part. Her story is so sad. I would like to know more about Sita's powers. And how things worked, maybe in book 2 they will explain that more. There isn't really anymore characters in this book. Sita is very much in her own head the whole story.

And as always the story just ends leaving you crying for me!! Thank goodness I have the next book already!! :) Happy Reading!

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