Thirst No 2 by Christopher Pike

Phantom, part 1 of Thirst book two

What an interesting story this is turning into. And what to type that doesn't give away anything. Lots of unexpected things happened in this book.

There was one twist in this book that I usually hate reading about. But it worked very well in this book. Interestingly though the original Phantom was published in 1996 (at least that's what I found) and Twilight just come out. Parts of Twilight feel like a complete copy of this book (mainly just this part of the series). Christopher Pike came out with a good thing and then Stephanie Meyers ruined it with her disaster of a book series.

I read this one pretty quickly too, just like the others. I like that they are small and easy reads. I am not a fan of the cover the No 2 of Thirst. The girl reminds me to much of the Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood.

Seymour is still definitely my favorite character and I think that will grow in the next book. Because hopefully he will be in the next book more than he has the last 4. Fingers crossed and on to the next one!

Happy Reading!

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