Thirst No 2 by Christopher Pike

Evil Thirst, part 2 of Thirst book two
Well, this was a surprising book. I am mostly surprised by the ending. I also have no idea how Christopher Pike can pack so much into just 86 pages. The last book was super slow compared to this one! Lots definitely happened. We learned allot more about Sita, more about her past and her as a character. As I was reading I randomly took down some notes. I would like to research some of the things I wrote down because I am curious if any of them have any truth to it.

For example the Suzama Society. Is Suzama actually a really person of the past. Did she write prophecy and such. And the book says she claims that Christ or God came to earth 4 times. Of course it coordinates with the book, because the 4 time he comes is during the story. But the first three are ones I am curious about.

1. Lord Krishna or India
2. Adi Shankara of India
3. Christ

What doesn’t add up to me is why would Christ be born twice in India and then randomly in Jersuluam and then sunny old California?? This book definitely made me think… my favorite sentence is

“Had you been born n India even today, you might follow their teachings. l It is largely because you were born in this country that you are Christian.”

I wonder how accurate that statement is. I also really liked the names in this book Kalika or Kali Ma the Dark Mother, the Supreme Goddess of Destruction, or Shankara. Anyways this book was really fascinating; I love it when it makes me what to do research. On to the next one..

Happy Reading.