Avalon High by Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot seems to write her books all in the same format. I am not sure what it is called. But pretty much the main character narrates the whole story for you. And the same thing as last time it really annoyed me until probably half way through when I got truly adsorbed into the story. This book was much better than the American Girl Series I read. I think it has to do with the history mentioned in the book. I love history, I wish I knew more about it and it was really interesting seeing her theory about King Arthur and Lancelet and all the surrounding people. So even though I think the whole thing is bull, it was still a really good story.

But so far Meg Cabot’s book just aren’t memorable. I won’t be reading it again type of thing. It doesn’t help that I just finished a really great book hours before starting this one. I think the main reason is the format the story is written in. It’s definitely not my favorite way of reading.

Anyways on to the next book, even though I don’t yet know what that is. Happy Reading!

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