Hush, Hush Series by Becca Fitzpatrick

 Photobucket Hush, Hush, book one

I did a Teaser Tuesday on this book…

I just barely finished it. Not sure yet what to think of it. I did randomly write down this little quote from the book, because I thought it was freaking hilarious

“I don’t want to wait. I am seriously two think minutes away from death by starvation.”

Vee said it on page 169. She’s so over dramatic but she adds great comic relief to a book that would otherwise be very depressing. She was definitely my favorite character in the story.

I see allot of posts about Patch.. and oh how wonderful he was. But honestly he really just annoyed me. Actually I think that’s what really frustrated me about this book. Nora wasn’t strong. She was exactly what Patched claimed her to be “Intelligent. Attractive. Vulnerable.” I guess she annoyed me more than anything, to allow someone to take so much control over you intelligence is stupid. I don’t know I like strong woman characters and she definitely wasn’t one.

The bad guy well he came out of nowhere and it felt like a scapegoat. The whole ending just fell short of my expectations and wasn’t complete. Sure it wrapped up all loose endings and everything. But it was still odd. I have to say though even if I haven’t been talking good the story. It was still a good story. I did enjoy it and I was thoroughly engrossed it the tale.

I will definitely continue reading this series, it’s just not quiet up there on the priority list. Mainly due to the fact the ending felt so unsatisfactory. Cresendo was released yesterday October 19.. and there's another coming soon.