Do Tampons Take Your Virginity by Marie Simas

A Catholic Girl's Memoir

What to say about this book.

This book did it all, it made me laugh out loud until I had to explain to Mr what was happening (and then he didn't get it and rolled his eyes at me, muh men...), it also made me so sad and then super angry and then really happy. I had allot of emotions reading this book.

First off Marie Simas way of writing (and I have no idea what it is called) is fabulous. She is a lovely writer, explains things and to make you feel the range of emotions I felt while reading is ... well in short the work of an artist. That said, I thought at first that I would really relate to this book because I grew up in a crazy religious home. But I found that there wasn't much religion in the book. The religion was more of an excuse for some of the actions of the people in the book.

The book is broke into three sections. Basically three different parts of her life, childhood, young adult (college and a little beyond), and that of a woman and married life. I really enjoyed the first and last section. The things she went through and how she words things. It's so humorous but so serious. I couldn't really related at all to her young adult college life. I have never done anything she talked about and it was actually the section that made me really angry, but at the same time I understand why she did what she did. It made sense.

The first line of the book was definitely my favorite. I did a Teaser Tuesday post on it.My favorite scene was the Christmas one at the end!! But I am not sharing any details so you'll just have to read it to find out!

Sorta book related but kinda not...

Marie Simas also surprised me. She emailed me personal with her book along with the press kit and it was very exciting too when she left a comment on my Teaser Tuesday and mentioned it on her blog!! It was so wonderful to hear from her personal. Thanks to Kristina over at the Frazzled Book Nommer for giving her my email!! and a Big Thanks to Marie for letting me read your book!