Fallen Series by Lauren Kate

Fallen, book one

Goodreads has a quiz about this book. I got 7 out of 10 questions right, which is actually pretty bad for having just read the book. 

I simply love this cover. It is so breathtaking... well maybe breathtaking isn't the right word. But it makes me want more! I want to know why a girl with such lovely black hair is crying in the middle of a dark forest.

I really really enjoyed this book, right up until the end. It was a romance but wasn't. It didn't feel like a romance until she finds out everything at the end. After that point I didn't really enjoy the book as much.

But getting there was great. What a fabulous story. I am so intrigued and definitely want to know more especially about Luce and Daniel's past. I just love Daniel "Grigori".. or I will reword that he was a great character but I LOVE his name!! The book starts off a little slow but I found that it just caused me to be more interested in Luce's story. The only thing I feel a little unresolved about it Penn, that was abrupt (don't want to spoil so that's all I am saying) and the reference to Luce's name meaning something more than you first thing.

The ending... literally the cliffhanging ending then with two chapters at the end (which I am refusing to read... at this point) was super brutal. I did not want this book to end. So I am happy to say book two Torment is already out. (but books three and four aren't :( yet)

Happy Reading!

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