Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Book Club book - Jane Eyre. The girl who choose it Shannon said it's absolutely her favorite book.

So my thoughts. Sorry but spoilers are included in this review.

The beginning was slow. Actually I found most of the book to be slow. I did however find the things John Reed and his mother put Jane through to be horrendous and out right cruel. I don't understand how the servants could not be on Jane's side. At first I really struggled with all the big words that I started a definition list, just like I do/did with Pride and Prejudice. But then I just started to get really involved in the book and found I struggled less and less with the words and I was just reading quiet happily.

The first half I enjoyed much better than the second half. Even though the first half was extremely slow and slightly boring. The second half so many crazy things happened. I have to say the proposal scene was one of my favorites I have ever read. It was so wonderful. I was so excited for it I had no idea how Emily Bronte was planning on filling the rest of the pages, because I was so content with how things were going.

AND then BAM... I got sooo angry when as the Pastor is about to make the man and wife a stupid lawyer stands up and announces he is already married. I could not believe it. I totally understood Jane's reaction, she was just numb and had no idea what to think. I would have probably done exactly what she did. What a twist in the story. Jane Austen are always predictable and easy going and I expect the same from this book.

I have to say that even though I was extremely involved in the story after that. I stopped liking it. I really enjoy it, but it's not one of my favorites I don't know how people can like that huge twist. And then the fact that after she runs away and gets a fortune she STILL goes back to him and gets married. That is just insane!

And well that is most of my thoughts for now. I will do another post after book club. I just don't know what to think of the book, it kind makes me angry.

What are your thoughts??

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