Book Club!

Book Club was actually Friday... Things have just been crazy and I haven't posted anything about it. This one was a much smaller group of girls and this time I very much noticed my inexperience and how young I am. Not that the girls there are old, they are just all in a different place in life. Most are married, one has grown kids and all have got allot of education.

They talked about exams they had taken and things they were currently studying for and all this kind of thing. And then there's me Beauty School Dropout with minimal high school education. Sure I actually graduated high school but my lovely mother's idea of brilliant teaching and standard teaching are two extremely different things (and I hope to god she figures this out before she ruins the rest of my siblings).

I am super glad I went and I definitely want to hang out with this ambitious women again. I think I could learn allot from them. Oh and we did slightly talk about the book, I was the only one who didn't like it, but discussion actually made me want to read it, just in a new light.

Random Tidbit: Mr.'s opinion of a classic, like Little Woman, the movie he refused to watch this amazing piece of work! . I said "It's a classic!" and his response "Which means men have been groaning for many years." The big meanie! :)