Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell

Mom read this book to my sister and I as children. I remember playing acting parts of this book and thinking it was the greatest. We used the lid of our toy chest (which was bright pink and curved) to play as our boat. Sis and I played out parts of this book and another book (which I can not remember the name of) for hours.

Island of the Blue Dolphin is an interesting extremely light read. It is made for young young adults. Actually my little sis, who is ten just finished reading it. It was very well-written and I am glad I reread it, even though it was purely for nostalgic feelings. I did enjoy the hour or so it took me to read it.

The ending did not go to my liking, because it's based on actually facts, at least the character is. Which makes me really sad. Because a happy ending is exactly what this book needed. And I won't say anything more, so I don't share any spoilers!! :)

I recommend it, for children learning to read. And for people like me, who like to remember good things that happened in the past, though maybe they should read books connected to their past as this book is connect to my past.

Happy Reading

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