The Royal Diaries

Kaiulani: the People's Princess by Ellen Emerson White

I got most of the Royal Dairy Series almost ten years ago. I just love these books. They are super simple, but full of lots of historical facts. This diary is a little different from in the rest in that it records three years of Kaiulani's life. All the other books just catalogue one year. I wanted to read this one because I found a movie similar, called Princess Ka'iulani, it's also lightly based on her.

Kaiulani had so many sad things happen to her. Between deaths of family and friends, then the lose of her country. Really it is no surprise she died of heartbreak.The thing I found the most interesting was the 'bending' as a princess she was not allowed to stoop or bend over. So she has to ring a maid whenever she drops something. Makes me curious what happened the first time she dropped something when she want to school in England?

I think if I had been in her first English school I would have thought her snobbish, or maybe even barbaric as the American's claimed. The three sides of the fighting are interesting and I am sure there is much more to it, but because she starts off as a 13 year old girl we miss allot of the politics.

But it was a fun fabulous read. And now I might even continue reading through the Royal Diary Series.

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