The Book of Spells a Private Prequel by Kate Brian

This book is a Prequel for a Series called Private by Kate Brian. What attract me to this book definitely was the cover. As much as I hate snow, her beautiful black hair against the snow white treed background, is so beautiful.

I had some time to blow and so I went to Chapters. Chapters is definitely one of my favorite places to be. Especially because I can get a wonderful tea and read to my hearts content! As said I grab this book due to it's cover. But the synopsis is wonderful

Charming Girls.Find Breeding.
Perfect Manners.
Black Magic.

The Billings School,
Established in 1915,
Where the girls are Witches.

The book starts off really slow. But I was just so curious I just kept reading and thinking about it. Plus I really enjoyed Eliza and Theresa as characters. As much as they were sometimes annoying. And I wanted to know the big secret behind Helen.

This isn't much of a review. What happens with Catherine is just so weird, and well I am not gonna spoil. It but this was a super fun light read that I really enjoyed!

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