the short second life of bree tanner by Stephenie Meyer

As you may know I am not a Twilight fan. So you may be wondering why I would even pick up a Stephenie Meyer book. I am not sure why I picked it up. But I like to believe that while an author can write a bad book series, they can still write good books. Stephenie Meyers is a decent author. She doesn't write anything spectacular, nor do her books invoke deep thinking and her idea of vampires is completely wrong. The lady can still write a decent story. (I believe my comment on her short story was "Now why couldn't Stephenie Meyer write this story out fully instead of stupid Twilight. Interesting story."

This one for example, I really enjoyed. Bree is a fabulous character one I really enjoyed reading about. We first met Bree in the Twilight books actually I believe it's in Eclipse, for about two minutes. Before she ends up dieing. It was a great change reading from someone else's perspective of Bella.

Bree's discovery of herself and learning how she was changed. It was nice. It was super nice learning the details of the attack on Cullens.

Anyways it was a pretty decent book I read in less than two hours. To bad Stephenie Meyer's doesn't just stick to short stories.

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