Black Bulter Vol 2 by Yana Toboso

BAH!!!! What a horrendous ending!!! It's like mid way through the story and I don't have Volumn 3... gahhhhhhhh... this is why I don't like small books.

HOWEVER!! I simply love love love the ART!! I want to blow some of the pictures up and watercolour them! Or charcoal or whatever! I don't usually do the whole art thing but just taking some colouring pencils and colouring in would be so much fun!

My favorite thing this time, not along the main story, but it's the little side story at the very end, it's Ciel's dress. I cannot wait to order a very similar dress. Or even the pinstripe one! I really enjoyed the series and as you may be able to tell, the ending came much to quickly for me!! Hopefully the rest will be on order and shipping to me soon!!

Happy Reading!!

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