Romeo X Juliet Omnibus by GONZO, William Shakespeare, COM

by GONZO, William Shakespeare, COM

"For fourteen years, Neo Verona has lived in terroe of Lord Montague's iron rule. BUt in their despair, a light shines forth! Donning the guise of the Crimson WHirlwind, Juliet Capulet has chosen the path of the mercenary, opposing Montague on behalf of the people. When she falls for a noble who seems sympathetic to her cause, Juliet is devastated to learn he is a Montague! Is there any hope for love that crosses enemy lines?"

I have never read the story of Romeo and Juliet. So I was very interested in this version. I am apparently addicted to manga now! :)
I really enjoyed the story. Juliet side of things especially. It was super intriguing and a fantastic read. Sadly it was very short, much to short to my liking. Even though the book itself was probably 5 or 600 pages long. The actually story seemed very short. I feel like I didn't get to know some of the characters mainly Ophelia, and Tybalt. Pretty  much I want to read more!! Makes me want to read the real Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet.

Maybe one day!

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