Tokyo Babylon, Volume 1 by CLAMP

Tokyo. The cultural and economic hub of the Eastern world. Not unlike the legendary city of Babylon, its man-made tower stretches toward the heavens ... a symbol of its people's ambition and their indomitable spirit. Nowhere on Earth will you find such vanity ... or such beauty.
This is my home.
My name is Sumeragi Subaru, and I hunt the dead. Then I return them to peace.
No matter where my work leads me, I suspect I'll never leave Tokyo in spirit. But then again, it seems so few people do these days ...

ummm what to say about this book... well I borrowed it from a friend. It's got a really good story, but there's definitely some weird things. Like the one guy is totally in love with Sumeragi and they are engaged, but I have no idea how that works because Sumeragi doesn't seem to know either.

There is a girl dressed as a flower at least that what it seems like and she's Sumeragi's older sister but acts about 4 and I am completely confused as to what she's suppose to be.

And then there's ghost and that's really interesting.

So now I move to Volume 2

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