Tokyo Babylon, Volume 2 by CLAMP

This book definitely talks about some interesting subjects. It's almost like it wants to tackle as many 'avoided' topics as quickly as possible. 'Avoided' meaning topics people don't normally chat about. For example prostitution. And the reason why someone might go into such a profession. However that was only the last 10 pages or so of the book. The first part, I really enjoyed. I have a favorite picture and if I currently had a scanner I would scan it for you guys to look at. It's page 30, in case your curious enough to check it out.

The first part of the book brings up an interesting point. The results of what you say, and how people take it and what you really mean. If that makes sense. In other words "You're not normal" was taken as an insult but in truth she didn't mean it that way. Us girls, really need to learn that if we want boys to take us for what we say, we should stop having double meanings in what we say.

I am very curious about the gloves in the book and their importance. Seriously please explain that already! LOL Happy Reading!

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