Toyko Babylon Vol 3 by CLAMP

Well, I started off hating this series and it is slowly getting better and better. I am glad they are small because I would have given up if the first one had been a big book.
Vol. 3 is a really good book. For one you got to see allot more about the powers of two of the main characters. Another part was that I read a detailed description of the characters. The first two books did not have this character description. I have decided to include the description in my review because it was nice to actually just read about the character.

The only thing missing from Manga is the description. Descriptions of the environment, the characters, and what's going on. Manga just expects you to catch on to that type of thing. Pictures help to a degree but not allot. Anyways here is what I learned about the three main characters

Sumeragi Subaru - thirteenth generation Onmyoki of the Sumeragi clan and the hero of our story. Sixteen-year-old Subaru lives with his twin sister, Hokuto, in Tokyo's ritzy Shinjuku district. Subaru, like the previous clan leaders before him was born with special powers for combating eveil forces; in fact, Subaru's powers might be the strongest to date. Per the advice of his grandmother (the twelfth heir), Subaru must always wear gloves to protect that power. The Sumeragi clan has protected Jam=pan from spiritual enemies since ancient times, and as the heir, that task now falls to Subaru. His shikigami (familair) is a three-headed white crow. (I still don't get the glove thing, but at least I sorta know it's purpose)

Sumeragi Hokuto - Subaru's twin sister, roommate and sidekick. In addition to helping out with her limited magical abilities, she helps motivate the soft-spoken and unconfident Subaru into action. She makes matching costumes for the two of them , with her own outfits being particularly over-the-top. Much to Subaru's chagrin, Hokuto has decided that her brothers one true love is Seishiro, and she's not about to let little things like age difference and their being the same gender keep her from pushing them together. (this is the girl I thought was dressed as a flower in the first book)

Sakurazuka Seishiro - By day a veterinarian, Seishiro spends all his free time (and even when he's not free, he makes the time) helping Subaru on his assignments. He's usually carefree and joking with the Sumeragi twins, but he's fiercely protective of Subaru. Unbeknownst to the twins, he has powers of his own. Is he related to the infamous Sakurazukamori assassin clan? His shikagami takes the form of an eagle. (I would almost rather the story was about Seishiro than Subaru...)

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