Smuggled by Christina Shea

Release Date: July 5 2011
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc - Black Cat
Received from: NetGalley
Rating: 3
Cover Thoughts: I think it betrays the Anca very well in the middle of the story but not her through the whole story.
My Review:
I enjoyed this story, but how it was written confused me. Sometime it felt like I was watching a movie unfold. Other times I was Anca, living breathing and feeling what she was. And it changed perspective randomly and confusingly.

The first half of the story was good, but the second half where she is an adult and meets up with a childhood friend, that's where for me, it got suddenly interesting. And yet I was bored at the same time. I kept waiting for something to happen.

But at the same time. This is real life, things that actually happened, it's not my normal genre of reading (aka vampire books, etc) So it was refreshing that the book was semi predictable and that I knew things would turn out.

I simply love the ending. And I really hope that Eva ends up happily ever after with Martin and Levente. Eva and Levente really deserve it.