Toyko Babylon Vol 4 and 5 by CLAMP

Vol 4
Interesting developments in this book. Subaru grandmother Obaachan showed up and she had some interesting things to say. "If only she hadn't left him alone." I am pretty curious about the mystery around Subaru's hands and now the Cherry Blossoms. I also love that we always see a little more than what Subaru sees.

Seishiro is he or is he not the assassin? And what is his purpose behind seducing Subaru? What is this bet, he keeps mentioning? And is he the one Obaachan was talking about. Cherry Blossoms seducing? So many riddles I am not sure how to keep track of them all!

I really hope I can get all these questions answered! Oh and this book definitely had my favorite picture pg 77!

Vol 5
OMG what an ending. Thank goodness I have Vol 6, because that would totally suck otherwise. This book is broken up into three different stories. The last one is very dramatic and what an ending.

Again Seishiro brings up the bet. I really really want to know what this bet is, and who the bet is made with?

This books inside cover is my least favorite of them all so far. I just don't like the colours of the inside drawings. And well I am off to find Vol 6!