Toyko Babylon Vol 6 and 7 by CLAMP

Vol 6
So I still don't know what the bet is, but the end, ends with

"It seems the time to settle our bet has finally come..."

which is also my second favorite picture (page 163). I really love the Cherry Blossoms. I wonder if it's possible to get a Cherry Blossom Tree for my house?? Will have to look into that!

Vol 7
The Last Book... pg 141 has the most beautiful picture.

The end of the story was not what I expected. In fact in made me very sad. I definitely wasn't excepting the ending that did happen. It was a complete surprise, though it makes sense. Feel like I am talking in riddle!

Overall I am really happy with the turn out of the series. It started off really badly and it ended up very well done. I do know there is a followup series that I will eventually read, but I am gonna wait a while for that one.

Happy Reading