The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill

I picked up this book on the account of my friends boyfriend whom I have never met. He recommended it to her and she them told me it was a must read. And so here I am reviewing my friends must read.

The book is broken up into four parts. Part 1 happens before Aminata Diallo enters slavery and is all about her childhood up to the age of 11. I think this was my favorite part of the book Aminata's innocence and it was captivating to read about her life and tribe.  

Part 2 is the beginning of her capture, the end of her innocence, and a very bleak future. Aminata is lucky, she is a swift learner and because of that she is treated a tad better than the rest of the slaves. I can't decide which part of the book mad me sadder, part 2 or 3. While I never plan on having children, the idea of ripping someones child from the is horrible.

Part 3 is when Aminata is sold to her second owner and while he treats her a million times better, he betrays himself and her in the end. I do not know how that man could live with himself after that, especially with his believes. This is also around the time where I figured out the book was written by a man and not a woman. I would have never guessed that originally because you feel Aminata so well. The story is woven so richly and it's amazing that a male author could write a woman protagonist so well.

Part 4 Aminata is old and finally reaching her goals. And it was beautiful and painful all at the sametime.

Oh and I simply love the crescent moons and wonder at how it was done or if it was a birth mark...

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