Two Mood Princess by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban

Release Date: April 15, 2010
Publisher: Tanglewood
Received from: NetGalley
Rating: 5
Cover Thoughts: it could have be so much more! I am half temped to make  my own cover. It could be so beautiful. Thank goodness I don't always book up a book on it's cover only.
Review: I have been reading so many good books as of late. It's been so refreshing just sitting and reading. I know I am not going to have all this time in the future and so I have been taking full advantage of it.

Two Moon Princess is full of excitement, adventure, love but not the usual kind, mystery and I will definitely read this story again. The mix of history with future a gate to travel between the two is a fantastic idea, even if it is full of holes.

Andrea is a great character. I could picture her as a child playing with the other boys and getting into fights. Her spirit was brilliant and I liked that it stuck throughout the book. I am so happy with the ending and how she fell in love with the right person.

I like that events in this book changed the characters. Someone dying hardened a characters heart and the blood feuds are stuff that use to happen all the time. I don't see it in our current day and age. But definitely for the time the characters live in it is possible.

I love the travel and it seems the more I like a book the worse sort of review I do... so read it, enjoy it and write a better review for me to link up to! :)

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