Cloud Prophet Trilogy by Megg Jensen

Book #1 - Anathema 
Thank goodness for twitter, I found this book free through twitter on Amazon Kindle. And while once again I don't have a kindle, I have the app on my phone and can read away. Which is semi a bad thing as my phone can be out at work.

So a couple mornings ago I found out about Anathema. Read the synopsis out-loud to a fellow co-worker who followed suit and immediately downloaded!

The synopsis was true, this definitely was a good read! I love the cover her eyes are perfect. I also enjoyed how some things were very prominent in the slaves lives. For example their shaved heads.

Ivy and Mark were a surprise I didn't expect any of that. Once I figured out the truth behind Ivy, I am surprised by her patience and her cunningness. Tiana was my favorite character. and read it!

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