Desperate Measures (A Regency Short Story) by Candice Hern

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I know short story week is over, but I found this one and I decided to read it.

Desperate Measures is a short story less than 10,000 words that is so wonderful in cute I'll read it again! It was a light and fun read that was not at all what I was expecting. I didn't read the synopsis and thought the book would be about Bunnies and possible Zombies and lots of blood and gore. And that couldn't be further from the truth.


"Lydia Bettridge is a young woman suffering the pangs of unrequited love. To capture the attention of Geoffrey Danforth, the man who has stolen her heart but barely notices her, she has resorted to desperate measures with a seemingly clever plan. By engaging the help of Phillip, a friend of her brother's, to play the love-smitten fool in public, she hopes to pique the interest of her unnamed love. But when Geoffrey himself shows up to take Phillip's place, all her careful planning is turned upside down. What's a girl to do but to make the best of it?

I actually really like reading short stories. It is nice to just quickly read something on the train to work and than be finished it when I get there. Because I hate it when I am reading away and I miss my stop or I have to work and can't just read! :)

Hope your having a Great Saturday!!

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