Hollowland by Amanda Hocking

ZOMBIES… bah do I ever not like Zombies. However I do like bad ass girls kicking Zombie BUTT! Most Zombie stories I notice follow the same trend. Deathly virus turns everyone into virus, heroin saves the world finds a cure or is the cure all while managing to wear a little white tank top never get dirty. In Hollowed that is not the case; the only thing in the world that Remy wants is to make sure her brother is okay. Her whole point of survival is to find him and make sure he survives. You don’t find out why until the end and that part isn’t even that important.

I enjoyed how all the characters come together as a group. The sadness that Remy and Harlow feel at the loss of their friend and yet the ability to leave her behind, I won’t call that a strength, because I want to say it was bad to leave her behind, but the reasons for doing so are pretty understandable I suppose. I also enjoy how it was insta love between Lazlo and Remy. Oh and Remy notices other boys, that was a nice change. Most books, once there’s a potential guy the female heroin is done and it’s crap like Twilight all over again.

My favorite character is Ripley! She was the best! I want to see more of her in the next book!

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