Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz

Blue Bloods (Blue Bloods #1) by Melissa de la Cruz

What kind of name is Schuyler? I am not sure how to even pronounce it. Other than that my only other issue with the book is the cover. Definitely not my favorite looking cover. It could have been so much better! For example it could have been a menacing Mimi and handsome Jack in the background with Schuyler looking over her shoulder at them.

I read this in one sitting and what I like about it the most is that you don't learn anything before Schuyler does. So you are left with the same questions she is asking. Which should mean that as her questions get answered your does to.

I knew who the bad guy was before she called him out. But then it turned out later to not be him because of some symbol on his wrist. Which actually makes me really angry because he fit it so perfectly!

So off I am to read book two and find out who the real bad guy is!

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