The Poison Diaries by Maryrose Wood

I found a Link that has the first 60 pages of the Poison Diaries. The first ten pages are enough to suck you in and make you want more and by the time you hit page 60 you are mad because it just ends… in mid-sentence!

So here I am reviewing the first 60 pages of a book. What do I have to say other than I really like it and definitely want more! I love the name Belladonna! And I am interested in googling it to find out if it is a real plant and if it is indeed poisonous. I want to know more about Thomas Luxton. What is he studying? Why is he hiding away his daughter? And what is he afraid of?

And lastly did Weed put something in the water?

Oh I need to read so many good stories… more on the Blue Blood Series, and the Song of Fire and Ice, and now I MUST find this book!!

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