Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

For a moment, Eragon had the supremely disorienting experience of meeting himself. He immediately decided that he disliked how his hair curled at the temples.

A Great book should have great lines and this book did not disappoint. It has been almost two years since I started reading this series. The Inheritance series is just one of those you must read and I am not even sure what to say about it, now that I am reviewing it. I was annoyed when I originally went back to look at my reviews of book 1, 2, and 3 because I hadn't really including any details. But after finishing book 4 I understand why. There is just so much to the book, over 800 pages! So many spoilers and thoughts went through my head that I don't even know where to start.

I thought it might be hard jumping back into the story after such a long time, but the author realized it would be that way for many people and so he did a small refresher at the beginning.

Dragons are amazing creatures as are their riders. They explained in this book what happened at the change for Eragon and the reasoning behind it. I have difficult deciding who was my favorite character, and the ones I choose were slightly unexpected for me at least. Arya is lovely as always and I love the ending with her. Nasuada was amazing! I thought she was strong before, with the ending I am so happy for her! If things hadn't worked out that way for her I think I would have been slightly disappointed. Murtagh was so interesting and a complete surprise.

And so I remembered the movie... gah it was so disappointed when in representing the characters. Arya was not a blonde at least.

You should definitely read the series!! It's so good :)

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