Double Dare by Rhonda Nelson

I Am A Reader, Not A Writer, did a post December 30 called EBook Deals! Through that I found

Double Dare by Rhonda Nelson 
Kindle edition - amazon free purchase
and I book that I would normally never read

I have to say I read this book in an hour, hour or so, not really sure as I was sneaking peeps at work. This is so not my usual type of book. A. it's an adult romance B. it's definitely adult. But it was such a good story, except the ending. After the last book this was the perfect light read. I could relate to Lou because I did pretty much that, except for the fact that Mr. and I lasted three weeks not 5 days. But that's more for my actual blog and not for my book blog.

I do have a few bones to pick with the book, for one I am not sure if it's because it's the kindle addition but sentences were missing words or letters that were important.

in pales that had never known a...

and that's not a typo
BUT my favorite paragraph is the following!

Until something amazing happened. Lou realized she was flying, seemingly weightless. She cracked an eye open and found herself no longer terrified. The euphoric feeling wrapped around her until Lou didn't want the jump to end. Exhilaration pulsed through her, tickled her nerves and made her laugh with giddy delight. She opened her arms and grinned until her face hurt, until she could seemingly feel every particle of night air embrace her. Oh, wow! No wonder Same had enjoyed this!This was...this was... amazing!"

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