The Emerald Talisman by Brenda Pandos

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Emerald Talisman by Brenda Pandos
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I have yet to decide how I feel about this book.There were some great parts and there were some horrendous parts. Over all I think the horrendous wins over, yet I will still read the second one and other books by Brenda. I just don’t like the main character. Julia is an idiot, this guy just randomly appears at all major life events and then she forgets but doesn’t find it creep at all that he has been stalking her, since her mother’s death.

Points I do like:

Sam – Julia’s best friend. Actually I wished we saw more of her friends. They were great people and they would have made the story better.
Julia’s relationship with her Dad – that actually took me by surprise, how close they were and yet so far. If he was truly worried though why would he still be traveling?
The fortune teller and the cat – wish we had seen more of them. I think besides Julia’s friends they were one of the best pieces of the book and curiosity wants to know their story.

Points I struggled with

Feels like Julia is becoming another Bella. Obsessed with guys, no life without them, and no thinking about themselves.

“I could still feel his strong body carrying me up the hill, his touch when he brushed aside my hair, his tenderness and concern when I fought going to the emergency room. He ruined all future relationships for me because no one could compare. And the sad part was, in one small lifesaving gesture, he’d managed to capture my heart and he had no idea.” Insert eye roll here and come on get over yourself.

My favorite line in the book

“You know why the waves glow like that?” Phil said, breaking my spiraling thoughts. “It’s actually plankton. The waves break their bodies apart and they glow because of it. I’ve only seen it one other time before. It’s pretty rare.”

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