The Shunning by Beverly Lewis

I have come to the realization that I need to come to terms with my past. I need to put behind me, my anger and discover what I feel about my parents god and changing beliefs. And to do that I need to study and have a better understanding of the things I was taught. Allot of the things I was taught I have choosen to forget or remove from my memory and now I will be slowly investigating those memories. I can't quite dive in and start with reading the bible, but I will get there one day, hopefully as my anger changes to understanding. I might not understand their reasoning but I want to understand... the logic I suppose.

To start this journey, I have picked up many of the heavy christian books I read as a child/teenager. Starting with one story that has been in the back of my head for years. The story of Katie Lapp in The Shunning by Beverly Lewis.

While I didn't fully grow up in a community like Katie, I did spend many of my years in a similar culture. And I remember reading this book, thinking about how I would one day get out and be free. I can still very much relate to Katie now, but I am more curious about the woman she becomes than who she was before. I hope the next book explores that.

My favorite line in the entire book was yesterday's teaser tuesday! But I am posting it again because it's just entertaining

"Besides, he'd probably gotten himself invited to a Mennonite Bible study or prayer meeting somewhere. The Mennonites were known for seeking out the truths of God's Word and many of them ended up becoming missionaries.
At the time, Katie figured Dan had encountered some Bible-thumpers, that was all. But she hoped he'd be careful about his affiliation with outsiders. Especially Mennonites"

said like missionaries are a bad thing! :)

I think John Beiler doesn't actually want Katie for Katie. The first time you read from his perspective he is thinking about sleeping with her, not pure Amish thoughts. He thinks nothing of her feelings or how she thinks only of his own satisfaction and his children having a mother. I think that even in the end, when they speak their last words he is still thinking of only his pleasure and not what she feels. A man should at least listen, even if they don't agree.

"Marrying John Beiler-putting him first-maybe that was the answer. Maybe that was why Mary had insisted that this marriage was suppose to be"

gosh, maybe Mary should just marry John... though I must admit Mary has some spunk!

Elam was my least favorite character, rash stupid man, with no brains to think for himself.

"You must try and stay in Jesus. Elam's words echoed in her mind. But the logical side of her brain argued back. Did staying in Jesus require her to wear the kapp at all times? Must she wear her hair long and forever parted down the middle-squeexed into a bun. Was this the only way?

While I don't expect my reviews to make much sense while on my journey of discovery. It is nice to have a place to write things down.

Happy Wednesday!

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