The Missing by Beverly Lewis

I grabbed The Missing by Beverly Lewis originally thinking it was the second book the Shunning. However I have discovered it is not and I have never actually read this book before. It is the second book of another series called the Seasons of Grace by Lewis. So I started reading this series feeling like I was missing out half the story, turns out I was.

That said, the story of young Grace is still really good. Though I loved Heather's part of it and I enjoyed the ending! (also makes me glad that I grabbed the third book of this series)

I hope the first book is all about Grace's mother cause that would be a fascinating story!

The only real thing I noted down while reading the story is. That at first I like Becky but then I started to realize that all she cared about was being courted and getting married. That she didn't really care or try to understand her friends circumstances. But even that was eventually cleared up.

The thing I like about Lewis' books is that things are always wrapped up by the ending, unlike allot of books now-a-days.

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