Daughter of the Sea by Mira Zamin

I Am A Reader, Not A Writer, did a post December 30 called EBook Deals! Through that I found 

While I didn't exactly read the synopsis on Daughter of the Sea, I did not expect how this book turned out. I was reading along and suddenly it felt like the author decided she didn't like that story arc so she threw them in the ocean and they landed on Altantis. It felt totally out of place and I was frustrated about it that I had a hard time returning to the story. But I did

Boy am I glad I did, because in the end the story wrapped up way better than I could have imagined. I think this is one of my new favourites!!

Engaged against her will, Calista, a young Roman aristocrat, grapples with the annihilation of her world at the hands of her would-be husband. The violent aftermath uncovers a connection to the mythological land of Atlantis, shattering Calista’s conception of family, the gods—and herself.

Calista does not know why the sea sings in her veins—or why her parents have affianced her to the insidious Lord Avaritus. She watches, powerless, as he ruthlessly annihilates all she loves.

When Calista tries escape with the remnants of her family, a storm strikes their vessel and Calista is hurled overboard. She reemerges in Atlantis, summoned by the leaders of the undersea domain. The very fiber of her identity shudders after she learns that she is the daughter of Neptune—and not quite mortal.

Despite the manipulation of Atlantis’s leaders and the romantic temptations of a pair of smirking grey eyes, Calista must find a way to return to Portus Tarrus to rescue her family and seek revenge against the man who destroyed everything she held dear.

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