Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

The Infernal Devices #1
borrowed from Book Lover (A Co-Worker)

I totally have to reread the Mortal Instruments now! I had forgotten how good Clare's stories were/are. It's not your typical vampire story. You have vampires, BUT you also have angels, demons, warlocks, faeries, shapeshifters, and automatons!

I want to start with Charlotte!
This woman is amazing! At twenty-three she is running the London Clave Institution, a full household including four unruly teenagers and a husband. She is under massive pressure from the clave members and still manages to be a bad ass fighter (and strategist)! She has one line in the entire five hundred pages that could you say is a minor compliant but than apologizes for it within the same breath! I have no idea how she stays so strong or how she even became the way she is.
Henry is Charlotte's husband... what I wanted to write is "what I remember of him, he is a a well known and respected inventor. But he sure didn't start that way." But than I realized that I am getting the characters from The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices Mixed up. Clockwork Angel starts in London, April 1878. There's no way that those characters are still alive in the Mortal Instruments (another reason to reread them!). But back to Henry, he reminds me of when Mr. is FOCUSED!!
Jessamine, I assumed would be just like Isabelle Lightwood. But she totally wasn't she was so immature and it frustrated me she didn't want to fight. All she wanted was the thing I despise. But I would LOVE to go shopping with her!

My favourite characters
Will, Jem, and Tessa!
but I am not going to write about them, instead I will share my favourite lines from them!!

"I want to be back before dark," Will said. He was leaning nearly across Tessa's lap, and she could smell that faint boy-smell of leather and metal that seemed to cling to his hair and skin. "I have an assignation in Soho this evening with a certain attractive someone."
"Goodness," Tessa said to the back of his head. "if you keep seeing Six-Fingered Nigel like this, he'll expect you to declare your intentions."
Jem choked on his tea.

oh and I can't believe one if the characters offers to another at the end. what a dreadful thing to say to a lady. especially in the 1800s

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