Black Bulter Vol 7 by Yana Toboso

Vol 7 more about Noah's Ark Circus. Sometimes I wish I could just see the art in colour, it is so pretty! This vol is full of both elements of the book. One part was very light and fun, but still had an underline note of seriousness. The other part was extremely dark and bloody. I do not understand the line of thinking of the madman in this story, other than he became obsessive with being beautiful to fit in with the Phatomhive family. And if I am understanding this right Baron Kelvin is in the one responsible for the young master's eye. But that wasn't actually fully explained.

Thankfully I already have Vol 8 on my desk, so I am off to read it! Hopefully I will be able to order Vol 9 right away!

Oh also, I think this is my least favorite of covers. The rest of the books have all been pictures of Sebastian and Ciel and now we have this one of a randomly different character. I would have preferred a close up of Ciel with his eye patch or something.